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Links to Videos

In response to requests from current and former students, I have made a number of videos that demonstrate several aspects of firearm handling.

I've also included links to other videos of interest that are found on the internet.

Click on the title of each to view a short video on the subject: Videos:

The 5-step draw from a strong-side hip holster

My NM CCW Course of Fire (NOTE: This version of the COF is discontinued during COVID operations, another abbreviated version will be used)

How to clean a SIG P226


How to use "trigger reset" to shoot faster

How to effectively reload a semi-automatic handgun

How to perform a "press check" of a semi-automatic handgun

How to load a semi-automatic handgun

And, something for fun... I shoot the Dillon M134D MiniGun from the open door of  a fully-restored 1968 Huey helicopter...

Other video links:

A small tree used for cover saves the life of an attorney

Massad Ayoob on the "Low Thumb" Grip on Semi-Automatics


Clint Smith - Malfunction Clearing

The Dancing FBI Agent

A Vlogger who has a Glock in the vehicle gets stopped by the cops


A great example of horrendous firearm handling

The Joe Horn (Texas) shooting.

The Jerad and Amanda Miller WalMart shooting. CCW carrier Joseph Wilcox lost his life.

The Albuquerque WalMart Shooting - CCW carrier Due Moore saves a life

A humorous example of inappropriate use of deadly force (Language warning)

This is why you keep both thumbs on the same side of the firearm while shooting a semi-auto

Why you keep your finger off the trigger while drawing from the holster (Language warning)

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