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Fingerprinting Information

New CCW applicants must have a fingerprint background check performed as part of the application process.

Even though applicants may have had their fingerprints taken before for a variety of reasons (prior background check for a security clearance, etc.) they still must have the process completed again.

NM DPS ceased accepting "hard copy" fingerprint cards some time ago. A new electronic system was put into place in 2013. The new system is called Gemalto. See the next section on how to navigate the Gemalto website.


Navigating the Gemalto Fingerprint Website

  • Navigating the Gemalto Fingerprint website can be a challenge.

  • Click here to go to the "Gemalto" website. (NOTE: The Chrome browser may not work well)

  • Click on "ORI Lookup"

  • After you click "ORI" on the prior page, a new window will pop up. Type "DPS" (without quote marks) in the Agency Name box, and click Search

  • Next, click on the line that says "DPS CCW APPLICANT"

  • Click the "Select" button


The result is that the "ORI" and "Reason" fields are populated.

The rest should be pretty self-explanatory...

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