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Permit Refresher Information

The New Mexico DPS law and rules state that NM CCW permit holders must undertake a "refresher" class at the 2-year mid-term date of their license.

The Refresher class must be completed between 22 and 26 months from the issue date of the permit.

The licensee must undertake a 2-hour shooting session with an NM DPS-certified CCW instructor. Upon completion, the instructor will provide a certificate of completion and an After Action Report to the NM DPS which will go into the licensee file.

A Refresher Certificate will be issued and sent to NM DPS within 30 days of shooting my course of fire. You will also get a copy of the Refresher Certificate for your records via email PDF.


If a licensee does NOT accomplish completion of refresher training NM DPS may SUSPEND their license and require an additional $5 fee to reinstate it upon proof of refresher compliance.

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