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NM CCW Qualification Course of Fire

During COVID-19 Protection Measures

During COVID-19 Protection Measures implemented by the State of New Mexico

I have revised my normal course of fire during this time when the citizens of New Mexico are subject to the requirements set forth by the Governor.

As such, I will require only that the absolute minimum requirements to show competency and marksmanship will be in effect for the duration of the health emergency. These minimum requirements are intended to reduce the time needed to shoot the course of fire so that potential virus exposure to students is also reduced.

The minimum requirements are stated below.



Section, B of the Final Rules states, "...An applicant or licensee shall demonstrate competency in the safe use of each category and caliber of handgun for which he or she seeks certification by firing the handgun with live ammunition at a target no larger than 12 inches wide and 18 inches high. An applicant or licensee shall fire 15 rounds from three yards and 10 rounds from seven yards."


"...An applicant or licensee shall score 4 points for each shot that hits within the scoring line and zero points for each shot that hits outside the scoring line. An applicant must obtain a score of 72% (7 off/18 on) to pass the competency demonstration."

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