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Michael R. Grimler, Firearm Instructor
Experience, Training, and Certifications

I bring several years of experience with my formal training as a firearm instructor.

My firearm instructor experience started when I was approached by the academy range staff at the Orange County Sheriff's Department in Orange County, CA, shortly after I graduated from the sheriff's academy as a California POST-certified Level 1 reserve deputy for OCSD.

They noticed that I was at the range almost every weekend day, that I was a decent marksman, and asked me if I would like to get trained as an adjunct instructor and join the firearm instructor team. Of course, I said yes. They sent me to the FBI's Police Pistol and Shotgun Instructor course and soon after, assumed duties as an instructor.


I was also sent to H&K's MP5 submachine gun operator and instructor courses since OCSD's SWAT team was using the MP5 at the time.


I was instrumental in instructing OCSD deputies during the department's transition from revolvers to semi-autos.


I taught "Use of Deadly Force" and "Combat Handgun" classes to new recruits in the Basic Academy, and provided incumbent deputies with recurring training on the Remington 870 shotgun.


In addition to being a certified instructor (Instructor #21) for the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry training, my formal firearm training includes:


From Heckler and Koch (H&K):


From the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI):

  • Certified Police Pistol and Shotgun Instructor


From the National Rifle Association (NRA):

  • Certified Training Counselor

    • I am authorized to train instructor candidates for:

      • NRA Range Safety Officer,

      • NRA Basic Handgun,

      • NRA Advanced Handgun,

      • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home,

      • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home, and

      • NRA CCW (Concealed Carry)

  • Certified CCW Instructor

  • Certified Range Safety Officer Instructor

  • Certified Law Enforcement Handgun and Shotgun Instructor

  • Certified Advanced Pistol Instructor

  • Certified Basic Pistol Instructor

  • Certified Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor

  • Certified Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor

  • Certified Home Firearm Safety Instructor

From the United States Concealed Carry Association (USCCA):

  • Certified Basic Handgun Instructor

  • Certified CCW Instructor

  • Certified Home Defense Instructor

From other training organizations:


I keep my firearm skills up to date by entering combat and self-defense oriented shooting matches whenever time permits.

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