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Deciding to Use Deadly Force

Employing the use of force, specifically, that of deadly force, is an issue not to be taken lightly.


Citizens who decide to incorporate a firearm (a deadly weapon) into a personal self-defense plan must consider the fact that if they use their firearm in a defensive manner, serious bodily harm -- or death -- may occur.


It's important to remember that the CCW holder who uses a firearm in defense of self or others never intends to kill someone he is defending against...but, the fact that lethal force is being used via deployment of a firearm indicates that a high probability of death is present.


If anyone has any personal hesitation about using deadly force against someone while they are in immediate fear of serious bodily harm or death, then I recommend not incorporating a firearm into a personal self-defense plan.

To do some basic research on the issue, I highly recommend going to this Use of Force website that recaps and condenses use of force issues pretty well.



Keep in mind, that website provides only an overview.


Neither that site, nor this one, is intended to impart

any legal advice whatsoever to the reader.

If you have specific questions about use of force in specific situations, we advise that you contact an

attorney who is practiced in that area of the law, or a police officer in your jurisdiction

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