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Recap of Selected NM CCW Rules

The minimum age to obtain an NM CCW is 21

NOTE: Those at least 18 may take the course. However, a non-CCW completion certificate will be issued.

DPS-Mandated Course of Fire for Certification

  • Total Rounds Required: 25

    • 15 rounds from the 3-yard line

    • 10 rounds from the 7-yard line

  • Each round is worth 4 points

  • Minimum Rounds on Target: 18 out of 25

  • Minimum Score: 72% (you can have 7 rounds off target and still pass)

  • Target Size: 12" wide by 18" tall  

NOTE: My specific course of fire requires reloads for both semi-auto and revolver shooters and will be accomplished after each 6 rounds shot (or, 5 if you have a 5-shot revolver).


Minimum Caliber:

  • The minimum caliber with which a person may be certified is .32 caliber.

Determination of competency: "...An approved instructor shall determine whether or not to issue a certificate of completion based on the applicant or licensee's score on the competency demonstration and the applicant or licensee’s knowledge and understanding of the subjects specified in Subsection A of NMSA 1978 Section 29-19-7"

Note: That section means the instructor has leeway to determine "knowledge and understanding" of the material presented. To that end, I reserve the right to administer a written knowledge test.

If administered, the test will be multiple choice. You must score 80% to pass.

If a written test is administered, you must pass the written and practical portions to pass the course and earn a completion certificate.

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