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History of the NM CCW Law

JUNE 2001

  • The New Mexico legislature approves the first concealed carry law effective July 1, 2001.



  • NM DPS suspends implementation of concealed carry based on impending challenge to NM Supreme Court that the "opt out" portion of the law for municipalities is unconstitutional


JUNE 2002

  • NM Supreme Court rules the first concealed carry law is indeed unconstitutional

  • NM DPS suspension of training and instructor certification becomes permanent


JULY 2003

  • Second NM CCW law is passed

  • Each gun desired on CCW permit had to be qualified with. Some students are qualifying with 7 or 8 different guns.

  • Minimum age is 25

  • License good for 2 years

  • Cannot carry into any store selling liquor, including grocery stores and drug stores, such as Walgreens



  • NM DPS announces first batch of approved NM CCW instructors.



  • NM DPS issues the first batch of Concealed Carry Licenses


MAY 2004

  • Second challenge of the concealed carry law is put before the NM Supreme Court based on NM Constitution language regarding "nothing herein" 

  • NM Supreme Court throws out the challenge, agreeing with the State that it was legal for the legislature to pass the concealed carry law.



  • Second NM concealed carry law goes into effect



  • The age limit for license holders was lowered to 21 from 25.

  • Licenses valid for 4 years instead of 2.  

  • License holders need to re-qualify on the range every 2 years (2-hour refresher training).

  • License holders need to renew every 4 years and re-qualify on the range (4-hour renewal training).

    • New application for renewal, $75 fee, new fingerprint cards, new releases, etc.

  • They will be able to carry any firearm of the same type (revolver, semi-auto, derringer), of the same or smaller caliber than that with which they qualified.  

  • Most law enforcement officers, currently employed and retired will be able to obtain a license with departmental training instead of the private training required for all others. They will also be exempt for paying the application fee.


JULY 2007

  • CCW holders can now carry into stores selling liquor for OFFSITE consumption, e.g., OK to carry concealed into grocery stores, Walgreens, etc., unless a specifically posted prohibition exists.


JULY 2010

  • NM concealed carry holders allowed to carry concealed into restaurants that serve only beer and wine (unless specifically indicated otherwise via signage or personal notification).



  • NM DPS now allows regular photocopies of birth certificates to be submitted with the initial application package.



  • NM DPS now allows 2-year (license mid-term) refresher training to take place online as well as shooting the course of fire. 

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