Platinum Service Program

The Platinum Service Program was created to provide additional customized firearm and tactical training to friends, families, and co-workers.

I will come to your home, range, sportsmen's club, business (or a combination) to provide a variety of firearm and classroom instruction in a customized and comprehensive manner.

Your family, friends, employees and co-workers can select a variety of training from my list of services, or you may wish that a particular training day concentrate on one firearm or skill building effort, e.g., everyone learns the basics of shooting a semi-auto pistol.  Or, the morning session can be semi-auto pistol and the afternoon session shotgun basics. You decide!

What's your specific desire or need?

  • Executive team firearm knowledge and skill building

  • A group of friends in friendly competition

  • You choose from a menu of services for customized delivery of training


Some of the services provided:

1) Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Handgun (Revolver and Semi)

  • Some of the topics include:

    • The right mindset

    • How to prevail in a deadly force engagement

    • Stance, grip, sight picture/sight alignment

    • "Get back into the fight!" reloading for revolvers and semi-autos

    • Shooting on the move

    • Advanced tactics

    • Multiple threat engagement

    • Low light/flashlight techniques

    • Use of cover or concealment

    • Cleaning

2) Home Defense Shotgun (e.g., Remington 870 or similar)

  • Home defense tactics

  • Searching/clearing rooms

  • Safe loading/unloading techniques

  • Combat loading and reloading

  • Shooting on the move

3) Situational Awareness

  • How to avoid and react to dangerous situations at home, work, or while 

4) Overall Home Defense Tactics and Threat Response
5) Selecting a Home Defense Firearm



  • $500 per training day or fraction, plus round trip airfare from Albuquerque, NM (Airport code: ABQ)

  • The daily fee includes my expenses for rental car, motel/hotel and room &

  • Training days are usually Saturday/Sunday – 8am to 5pm

  • Travel to your location is on Friday evening, returning to ABQ Sunday evening

  • Firearms and ammunition for students are provided by the client

  • A location for shooting is secured by the client

  • I am fully insured with a $1M liability policy that covers my instructional 



Contact Information

Michael R. Grimler, Firearm Instructor


Headquartered in Northern New Mexico


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