Michael R. Grimler - Firearm Instructor Private Instruction (Handgun) NM Certified Concealed Carry Instructor Serving: Northern New Mexico Los Alamos Santa Fe Taos
Michael R. Grimler - Firearm InstructorPrivate Instruction (Handgun)NM Certified Concealed Carry Instructor Serving:Northern New MexicoLos AlamosSanta FeTaos

Do you need to take the initial, 15-hour NM CCW permit class?

New NM CCW permits require a 15-hour (minimum) class that is combined classroom and range qualification.

The class is usually taught over a 2-day weekend (Saturday and Sunday) with shooting the range qualification Sunday afternoons.

During NM COVID-19 operations, the classroom portion is conducted by Zoom teleconferencing.

You must have a desktop or laptop computer that has camera and microphone capability.

Mobile devices such as cell phones are not allowed.

NM DPS is also requiring students who take the class by Zoom to pass a written test. The test is a 50-question, open-book, open-notes, multiple-choice exam.

The test is completed after classroom instruction is complete, and before shooting the Course of Fire.

You must complete all classroom attendance requirements to be eligible to shoot the course of fire.

Click here to register for an initial NM CCW Permit Class.

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