NM CCW Refresher Class Requirements & Information

The New Mexico DPS rules state that NM CCW permit holders must undertake a "refresher" class within 60 days before the 2-year mid-term date of your license, and within 60 days after the mid-term.


NOTE: Just the month and year are used to determine your mid-term, not the exact date.

For example, if your license was issued March 15, 2014, the expiration date is March 15, 2018. The 2-year mid term is March 15, 2016. You can take the refresher class at any time during January, Februrary, March, April, or May 2016.


Duration of the refresher class is 2 hours which mostly consists of shooting the required course of fire.


After completion of the refresher class, there is no requirement for you to file paperwork with NM DPS. The only requirement is that I file an "after action" report with them for your permanent file.


You can check my schedule at the LASC Calendar here. At that link, do a search in the calendar by creating a filter. Under the word "Calendar," there are two drop boxes. In the first, click on the box and select "Category" then click on the next drop down and select "Contains" then click the empty field and enter "Grimler" and finally, click on "Add Filter."  All of the classes I am teaching will appear in the resulting list.

You can then
determine if any of my classes will be within your 150-day window.


If they are, click on the links to sign up for the class and I will email you with more information.

Also, since I conduct both Refresher and Renewal classes the same day, please click here to let me know which one you are signing up for.

(Certificate issued within 30 days of class)

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