Michael R. Grimler - Firearm Instructor Private Instruction (Handgun) NM Certified Concealed Carry Instructor Serving: Northern New Mexico Los Alamos Santa Fe Taos
Michael R. Grimler - Firearm InstructorPrivate Instruction (Handgun)NM Certified Concealed Carry Instructor Serving:Northern New MexicoLos AlamosSanta FeTaos

NM CCW Refresher Class Requirements & Information


The New Mexico DPS law and rules state that NM CCW permit holders must undertake a "refresher" class at the 2-year mid-term date of your license.

There are two ways to accomplish completion of the refresher requirements...the choice is up to the licensee:

1) The licensee may read an online presentation that was developed by the NM DPS. To read the presentation, click here. After reading the presentation, there is an online test that covers the material read. Click the link at the end of the presentation to take the online test. Follow the directions at the end of the online presentation to obtain credit for taking the refresher class. There is no cost to read the presentation or take the online test.

2) The licensee may undertake a 2-hour shooting session with an NM DPS-certified CCW instructor. Upon completion, the instructor will provide a certificate of completion and After Action Report to the NM DPS which will go into the licensee file.


If you choose #2, you will sign up to shoot my customized course of fire which will satisfy the "shooting session" portion above. There will be a $51 fee to shoot the course of fire. 

You can check my schedule at the LASC Calendar here. At that link, do a search in the calendar by creating a filter. Under the word "Calendar," there are two drop boxes. In the first, click on the box and select "Category" then click on the next drop-down and select "Contains" then click the empty field and enter "Grimler" and finally, click on "Add Filter."  All of the classes I am teaching will appear in the resulting list.


Click on the link of a renewal class that fits your schedule to sign up for shooting the course of fire (you will be folded into a regular, 2-day initial or renewal class) and I will email you with more information.

Also, please click here to fill out and submit my Student Information Sheet, indicating that you want to take the Refresher Class.

Your Refresher Certificate will be issued and sent to NM DPS within 30 days of shooting my course of fire.


If a licensee does NOT accomplish completion of refresher training via #1 or #2 above, NM DPS may SUSPEND your license and require an additional $5 fee to reinstate it upon proof of refresher compliance.



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