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Michael R. Grimler - Firearm InstructorPrivate Instruction (Handgun)NM Certified Concealed Carry Instructor Serving:Northern New MexicoLos AlamosSanta FeTaos

Links to news articles or websites dealing with concealed carry, use of force (good or bad), or other items of interest...

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August 2, 2017: Here is an article about a "good guy with a gun" who saved himself and others during an armed robbery at a Walgreens in Phoenix. The deceased party was trying to rob the pharmacy of drugs.


June 13, 2017: Here is a really good article about speed holstering. Bottom line...don't do it.


June 3, 2017: Here is an article about how one can get a false sense of security by virtue of just owning a firearm without getting training and other considerations.


March 27, 2017: Here is an article about Albuquerque Police Department's Steve Rodriguez and his sniper career.


December 25, 2016: Here is an article about the value of competitive shooting.


November 30, 2016: This is a video about Joe Horn, a Texas homeowner who called 9-1-1 to report burglars at his neighbor's house.


September 11, 2016: Here is a video about a CCW holder who was killed trying to stop an active shooter situation at a WalMart in Las Vegas, NV. Think about this if you decide to get involved if/when you don't need to.


September 11, 2016: Here is a great article about never giving up.


July 4, 2016: Here is a great article on handgun calibers.


February 21, 2016: This is what happens when you don't keep both thumbs on the same side of a semiautomatic (applicable part is only 4 seconds in duration, but watching the rest may be instructive as well).


February 10, 2016: Best States for Concealed Carry

  • NM is #41

April 29, 2015: Intruder Shoots Bellview Florida man

  • Remember - when seconds matter, the police are only minutes away.

April 21, 2015: Chicago Uber Driver with Concealed Carry License Opens Fire on Shooter to Protect Crowd 


March 25, 2013: Father accidentally kills son while cleaning gun

  • Always make sure your firearm is UNLOADED before cleaning

March 25, 2013: Road rage incident - Not a good shooting.


March 24, 2013: Video of the Albuquerque WalMart Shooting by a CCW Licensee

  • To date, this is the ONLY NM CCW-related shooting since NM allowed concealed carry

March 17, 2013: Sam's Club Santa Fe; CCW holder saves the day


March 11, 2013: 11-year old armed carjacker


March 5, 2013: Coupon Rejected; WalMart Shopper Pulled Out Gun

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